IdHAIR has almost 3 decades of experience with hair products. Different hair types require different care, and we finally launched the ‘missing piece’ in our product family, IdHAIR Curly, which has one mission, to make curls and waves beautiful and full of vitality.

To create a product is simple, but creating something unique and curl specific is much more complicated, that’s why the development process was carried out with our technical department and hairdressers at the IdHAIR factory.


Mild foamy specially developed for culy hair.

Panthenol, Goji Berries and 18 MEA adds moisture, gloss, strength and antioxidants.

Sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml


The curl styling agent gives an anti-frizz and high curl memory properties. 18 MEA improves the wet and dry combing and makes this conditioner excellent on detangle. Panthenol and Goji Berries adds moisture, gloss and healthy looking hair.

Sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml


18 MEA, Goji Berries, Panthenol in this conditioning treatment provides the hair with moisture, anti-static, antioxidant, anti-frizz, moisture, gloss and replenishes of the primary lipid of the hair. Argan and Lactic Acid will moisture the hair and provide it with nourishment.

Good for all hair types that need deep moisture therapy, even fine hair.

Sizes: 200 ml

Curl Creme

Styling polymer agent are of non-ionic characters which will provide exceptional hold and are easy to wash out. Curl creme with Goji Berries and Panthenol will keep curls frizz-free and longer lasting, and provide moisture, gloss, and strength to the hair.

Sizes: 150 ml

Curl Spray

Light curl spray for wet or dry hair. Humidity resistant and anti-static. Panthenol provides strength and moisture to the hair.

Sizes: 125 ml


Shine pomade to style and define. Panthenol adds moisture and strength.

Sizes: 100 ml